In order to neglect the constraints of space requirements, ATS ELGI has brought in a solution by launching this ELEGANT – MOBI ALIGNER, which is more Compact and Portable Wheel Aligner.

  • Installation even in space limited environment (there are no limits on the distance between the lift and he front wall).
  • Measurement and adjustment at any height of the lift.
  • Not attached to a certain workplace.
  • Requires no assembling.
  • Can be aligned on clear floor/ 4 post lift/Wheel Alignment scissor lift.
  • 3D animation views.
  • Wireless remote control.
  • Absence of Camera beam/ vertical beam acts as space saver.
Parameter Range
Rim diameter 1" – 25"
No. of measurement units 2
No. of cameras 3
Mounting type Clear floor, Scissor lift, Four post lift.
Power requirements Voltage 220 ± 10%, 50/60 Hz.
Measures Camber, Caster, Kingpin Inclination, Toe-in, Toe-out, Set back, and Thrust Angle.