This modern Elegant Two Post Lift Wheel Aligner eliminates all the traditional way of doing wheel alignments in Pit / Alignment lifts or allotting dedicated bay for wheel alignment process. It’s compatibleness with Two Post Lifts, enables wheel alignment process in existing mechanical bays at workshops.

  • True automatic tracking camera boom depending on the  vehicle heights
  • Voice over notification during alignment operation.
  • User friendly operating software
  • No dedicated Alignment bay required in the work shop.
  • Portable feature – can be moved between bays for wheel alignment.
  • Compatible with 2 Post Lift, 4 Post Lift, Wheel Alignment scissor Lift, Double scissor Lift and PIT.
  • No dedicated Alignment bay required in the work shop.
  • Eliminates the necessity of civil work for Alignment PIT in the workshop.
Parameter Range Accuracy
Rim diameter 10"- 24"
Power requirements 230V, 1Ph, 50Hz
Display accuracy 00.01'/0.1 mm
Camber ±10ᵒ ±2'
Caster ±20° ±6’
Kingpin Inclination ±20° ±6’
Toe-in & Toe-out ±20° ±6’