The headlight beam aligner is used for aligning the beams of the motorcycles , LMV’s and heavy vehicles. It is the most versatile and user friendly instrument available. The headlight beam aligner consists of luxmeter which can move in a vertical axis and fixed on a base with wheels allowing it to move horizontally

Model : HLBA

  • Easy to use
  • Analog/Digital luxmeter
  • Passenger cars
  • Commercial vehicle
  • 2 wheelers
Column height 1413 mm
Lens Diameter 200 mm
Lens type Glass
Leveling of HBT optical visor with 3 wheels on top
Optical box shape Rectangular(Metallic)
Rear Panel Adjustable with calibrated wheel
Lux meter Analog or Digital
Indication available Lux values at 25 m
Dimension 1535 x 630 x 630 mm
Weight 30 Kg
Measuring range Min : 240 mm , Max : 1280 mm
Power supply 9 V
Accuracy (Analog) +/- 10%
Accuracy (Digital) +/15% (15-32 Lux) , +/- 10% (32-64 Lux),+/- 5%(64-240 Lux)