The MAD on-car disc aligner is the most effective equipment to sort out brake disc alignment problems. It eliminates all disadvantages of cast iron brake discs and the influence on materials by simply and lightly cutting down the surface of the disc at both sides simultaneously.

Model : DA-8700

  • Fits on 99% of all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, with or without ABS
  • Highly accurate brake lathe
  • Bidirectional, height adjustable, heavy duty drive unit
  • Brake service for all makes and models
  • No time loss in dismantling
  • Simple operating procedure
  • Guarantees perfect contact between the brake pads and brake disc
  • Suitable for servicing all brake discs upto 39mm
  • Passenger Vehicle(PV)
  • Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV)
  • Tyre shop
Performance specifications
Run-out/Disc oscillation < 20 m
Disc Thickness variation < 20 m
Surface roughness/finish < 2 m
Max. brake disc thickness 39 mm
Max. depth of cut 0.8 mm. per bit
Incremental cutting scale 0.05 mm. per click.
Disc Lathe DL8704
Automatic feed of bits on disc 8,5 mm/min
Voltage, acc. to regional specs 100—240V. Freq. 50/60 Hz
Weight 6,1 kg
Drive Unit DU8610
Driving axle rotation speed 100 Rpm
Working height 450 – 1250 mm
Voltage, acc. to regional specs 100-240V. Freq. 50/60 Hz
Power 0,55 kW
Current 3,2 A
Torque 55 Nm
Weight 58 kg
Colour Black RAL 9005 Yellow RAL 1003