The ATS ELGI Smart Cool is a Semi Automatic Single gas station for Recovering, Recycling and Recharging R134a refrigerent.

Model : Smart Cool

  • ALARMS: High Pressure , Full Bottle, Empty Bottle
  • SERVICE ALARM: Acoustic And Visual For Maintanance And Filter Replacement Request
  • Automatic leak check following vacuum phase, alarm on leak detection
  • Manual discharge of non-condensable gases from the bottle
  • Simple and user friendly software
  • Password protection
  • Passenger Vehicle Segment (PV)
  • Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV)
  • Tractor /off road vehicles
  • Tyre shop
Measurement Accuracy Measurement Range
Refrigerent Type R134a
Service Procedure Semi-Automatic/Manual
Display Graphic
Scale Resolution 10g
Vacuum Pump 84 l/min
Recovery Speed 300 g/min
Refrigerent bottle capacity 12 liters (Refillable)
Hoses 3m
Working Temperature 10/500
Power supply 230 V AC – 50 Hz